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Jikokoa Foreign Charcoal Cook Stove Grill Burner

By Adegoke
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3 months ago

Extra Large Jikokoa charcoal stove  uses  less charcoal and cooks faster than the ordinary jiko. The non-slip pot stands grip all sufurias firmly to ensure you have a smooth cooking experience. Available in Black and Red.What are the advantages of buying a BURN Jiko?SAVE MOREJikokoa require half the charcoal  used with the ordinary three-stone jiko.CLEAN COOKING ENVIRONMThe jikos come with a no-mess ashtray & reduce carbon dioxide emission for a clean cooking environment.Using BURN’s Jikokoa, Jikokoa Xtra or Kuniokoa, you can stretch your charcoal/firewood purchases for twice as long.DURABILITYBURN manufactures the longest-lasting cook stoves with  years of estimated use.

Contact Name Adegoke
Product Name Jikokoa
Product Location Akure
Delivery Time 3 to 9 days
Certification Tested Ok
Shop Location Akure, Ondo, Nigeria

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